Freight Train Sequence at Vernon

This is the approximate sequence of freight trains arriving and departing each 24 hours at the Vernon Yard.

Other documents include the timetable, the description of trains, and the sequence at other yards.

00:00New Shift starts
02:03Northward Through 439Arrives
Approx. 02:30Summit Turn Extra 522Departs
03:25Southward Through 432Departs
07:15Northward Through 439Departs
08:02Southward Through 436Arrives
08:43Expediter 231Arrives
10:25Northward Through 435Arrives
11:00Southward Through 436Departs
11:30Kelowna Freight 433Departs
Approx. 11:30Summit Turn Extra 522Arrives
12:00New Shift starts
Approx. 14:00Lumby Turn Extra 520Departs
14:45Northward Through 435Departs
16:00Kelowna Freight 434Arrives
16:00Southward Through 438Arrives
16:00Lavington Turn Extra 526Departs
18:30Northward Through 437Arrives
18:35Southward Through 438Departs
Approx. 20:00Lumby Turn Extra 520Arrives
21:10Expediter 232Departs
Approx. 22:00Lavington Turn Extra 526Arrives
22:30Northward Through 437Departs
23:50Southward Through 432Arrives

EMRA Operations
Author: Operations Department
Most recent update: 2014 March 01 by Peter Ulvestad