The EMRA Virtual Tour - Construction

The Mushroom Rises

The top two pictures show the construction of upper level aisles. In the photo above, you can see the concrete building floor, with legs supporting the floor of the middle upper aisle being constructed toward the camera. The walls of the aisle act as girders, supporting the aisle floor and the upper level track. The drywall facing away from the upper aisle serves as the sky backdrop for tracks on the lower level. The bottom of the drywall along the aisle at the far right is just below track height for the lower level.

The picture to the left shows the same area as the upper left picture, with trackwork and scenery in place. The drywall lining the aisles has been painted black in order to direct the eye toward the layout. The blue area in the upper right corner of this picture is a backdrop concealing the adjoining aisle.

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