Diesel Locomotive Roster

Adopted at the May 18, 2010 Business Meeting

Road NumbersTypeManufacturerDeliveredNote
800 - 812F-3AEMD3-6/481
801 - 809 F-3BEMD3-6/481
814 - 818F-7AGMDD3-6/501,7
850 - 856FP-7AGMDD6
851 - 853F-7BGMDD6
900 - 908FA-1MLW4-7/502
901 - 909FB-1MLW4-7/502
1000 - 1004S-2ALCO5-8/443
1200 - 1210SW-7GMDD11-12/50
1500 - 1519GP-7GMDD3-7/53
1600 - 1604RS-3MLW4-6/53
1700 - 1709GP-9GMDD9-11/574
1801- 1809F-3BuGMDD9/565


  1. 800-812 are steam generator equipped for passenger service. 'A' units have even numbers and 'B' units have odd numbers. 814-816 are not steam generator equipped but do have steam lines and steam generator controls.
  2. 900-909 are not steam generator equipped but do have steam lines and steam generator controls. 'A' units have even numbers and 'B' units have odd numbers. Air cooled turbochargers (mounted inline) were replaced if they failed, by the water cooled models (mounted crosswise) after ALCO began offering the water cooled version in 1953 for their 244 powered locomotives. All were replaced by 1958.
  3. 1000-1004 were supplied by ALCO during WW II for service at Trail BC due to the importance of the smelter there, after unsuccessful attempts to obtain new or second hand 0-8-0s from any US or Canadian roads or builders.
  4. 1700-1709 are equipped with steam lines and steam generator controls but not steam generators.
  5. 1800-1809 wreck rebuilds (ex: 801, 804, 806) upgraded by GMDD to 'F-5' equivalent, D-27 traction motors, engines upgraded to 567BC. 'A' units have even numbers and 'B' units have odd numbers. Steam generators were also removed at this time.
  6. 850-856 were ordered to release more 800 class unit to the freight pool and provide additional water capacity on the 'Arrows'.
  7. 814-818 ordered to convert the EMD F-3A/B sets to A/B/A sets

Delivery of the 'F' and 'FA' units allowed the retirement of all the older steam power (2-8-0s and 4-6-0s). In the same way the delivery of the SW-7s allowed the retirement of the remaining 0-6-0s, most of the 0-6-0s having been retired after WW II. (Some 0-6-0s were returned to service during the Korean War). The purchase of the GP-7s, RS-3s, and H-24-66s allowed the remainder of the mainline steam to be retired or stored serviceable. Complete dieselization except for protection power 'stored serviceable' came with the delivery the ten GP-9s delivered in 1957.

The number scheme is based on horsepower rather than a random numbering or order of acquisition numbering. The trend toward higher horsepower in later units makes this similar to an acquisition order numbering scheme. The WW II ALCO S-2s were numbered in the 1000 series to keep them separate from the steam numbers, the Fs and FAs were numbered in the next available series above the highest steam numbers as was done by CN, UP and several other roads. The horsepower based numbering system was adopted with the delivery of the SW-7s.

The GM 'F' units and MLW 'FA/FB' units are numbered in early CN style (i.e.: A units have even numbers and B units have odd numbers). There are two common alternatives, CP and CN later style of separate number series for A units and B units, or the GN, NP & ATSF style of alphabetic suffixes (i.e.: A, B, C, D, or L) to the three digit number. Certain units were not considered appropriate for the Monashee Pacific. There were only 3 'E' units in Canada, they and the ALCO/MLW 'PA' units are not suitable for the Monashee Pacific's grades. GP-18, GP-20, RS-11, RSD-4/5, and RSD-12 models were not purchased by any Canadian railroad.

The cutoff date in the club standards precludes the use of common 'second generation' units in this roster, thereby eliminating GP-30, GP-35, and C424s. Members are free to paint their own units in Monashee Pacific colours as the standard applies only to club owned equipment. For those who wish to do so the following numbers would be appropriate.

Road NumbersTypeManufacturerBuilt
2000 - 2050GP-38GMDD1/66-12/71
2200 - 2250GP-30GMDD7/61-11/63
2450 - 2499C-424MLW4/63-5/67
2500 - 2550GP-35GMDD10/63-1/66
3000 - 3050SD-40GMDD1/66-12/71