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Founding as EMRC

Norman Mould lived in Edmonton in Prince Charles area and built his first layout around the furnace. Friends would visit and it was in this environment that the Edmonton Model Railroad Club was born. Norm was the driving force and, frustrated with the lack of room to expand, Norm went searching for a new house with an empty basement. Using the excuse for moving as the difficulty that his wife had climbing stairs (news to his wife) he found what he was looking for in North Glenora. Fortunately for Norm his wife Edith fell in love with the huge bathroom and they made their move in the early fifties. Norm and his friends built a large layout in his basement, which remained until three years after his death in 1996 when it was dismantled and sold.

In the late forties the club made a tabletop display for a program put on by CJCA. With the noise of the trains running, various aspects of the hobby were discussed with the members. Pictures of this event show the display and the members. (Click on the picture for a full-size view).

Picture 1 The members of the Edmonton Model Railroad Club. Norm is the tall gentleman on the left. Unfortunately Edith could not recall the names of the other members, although she believes one was named Mcallister. Can anyone help fill in the other names?
Picture 2 Shows members with the CJCA host broadcasting live. Note the junior member.
We are grateful to Edith Mould for providing the information to the club and have extended an open invitation for Edith Mould and family to visit our layout.

We would like to acquire, preserve, and annotate photographs or stories of club members, layouts, and activities.

If you have photos or other memories you could share, please contact Mark Johnson at Mark.Johnson@InfoHarvest.ca.

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