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Edmonton Gardens

From the early 1960's until the Edmonton Gardens was demolished to make way for the Northlands Agricom in 1980, the Edmonton Model Railroad Club occupied a room on the third floor at the south end of the building. The room was about 20' wide and 75' long, and several layouts were built over the years, including both HO and O scale layouts.

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1962 This overview of the Gardens club room shows the HO layout under construction in the foreground and the O scale layout in the background.
196? An "aerial view" of the layouts. Track has been laid on the HO layout, and some scenery has begun. Hans Huizinga (right) is working on the HO branch line - never an easy place to reach!.

1975 This O scale layout occupied the west half of the room. It was started shortly after the club moved into the Gardens in about 1962. There were never more than two or three members whose prime interest was O scale. Scenery was never started. The mountain in these pictures was removed from the first HO layout when it was dismantled and put in the middle of the O layout. (March 1975)

We would like to acquire, preserve, and annotate photographs or stories of club members, layouts, and activities.

If you have photos or other memories you could share, please contact Mark Johnson at Mark.Johnson@InfoHarvest.ca.

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