Turnout Control


When the dispatcher/computer system is off, turnout control remains with the local panel. If the dispatcher is on, turnout control is from the dispatcher's levers, and the local control is ignored. The dispatcher can return control to the local panel by flipping the "Switch Lock" toggle to the unlock position.

Signal Levels

All signals are active low.

For turnout position (Normal/Reverse), Reverse is considered active.

For turnout lock (Lock/Unlock), Lock is considered active. This will allow local control of turnouts if the dispatcher control electronics are turned off.


The local turnout control in Chubb's book has three-position toggles on the local panel (Remote,Normal,Reverse). This was not chosen in order to minimize the complexity of the local panels.

Separate lock toggles on the local panel were also ruled out to reduce local complexity.

Commercial Possibilities


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