IFJ's Veterinarian Clinic

Medical Report

PatientTortoise L-3
Address Lavington

Patient came in suffering from memory lapses, in operation it felt fatigued and would often black out causing shorts.

In consultation with the Doctor, Surgeon, Secretary and Janitor it was decided to operate and determine cause.

Due to the delicate nature of the operation pictures recording the events was proposed.

Before Surgery
Shows patient heavily sedated
on the operating bench
Brain exposed
Shows scalp removed
exposing the brain
Problem Found
Problem found, L-3's contact
wipers had become loose
Zoom in
To correct the problem, it was decided to insert two high chrome manganese screws to secure the wipers.
Operation Completed
Operation completed.
Note three specks on bench;
these are glue tabs designed
to hold wipers in place.
Ready for scalp
Patient ready to have scalp replaced.
The Medical team is pleased to report Tortoise L-3 has made a full recovery and after a period of convalescence will be ready for duty.

Tortoise L-3 has been exposed to temperatures which severely weakened the method of attachment of its wipers, probably caused by its working environment.

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