Route Map

The Monashee Pacific Concept

The club layout is to be a model of the Monashee Pacific Railway, a railroad that does not exist as such in the real world, but could. The model should adhere as closely as possible to the concept of the Monashee Pacific, especially with regard to routing, scenery, operation, and equipment.

The Monashee Pacific Railway runs through south central British Columbia, from Castlegar to Armstrong. The route follows Lower Arrow Lake from Castlegar to Edgewood, then proceeds up Inonoaklin Creek to the Monashee Pass and into Vernon, with a line continuing on to Armstrong. This route connects several other railroads, providing the opportunity for interchange traffic and foreign equipment. Although operated as a unique entity, the Monashee Pacific is jointly owned by CN and CP, and connects with both of these railroads in Kamloops through an interchange at its northern terminus, Armstrong. Another interchange point with the CP is at Castlegar. Great Northern traffic comes onto the line through Nelson, and the Union Pacific connects via the CP through Yahk.

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