Castlegar Schematic

Castlegar yard is the location of a junction with the CPR. It is the home terminal for the Trail turn and the South End way freight. Through trains drop off and pick up cars here.

It is being built in an aisle on the lower level of the layout.

Switching leads
Two leads are provided at the North (right) end, to allow separate crews to switch the yard tracks and the ferry/kraft mill.

A lead at the South (left) end allows switching without fouling the main.

Ice House
The ice house is located at the south end of the yard, for quick access by northbound trains which require iced reefers quickly.

Caboose track
A caboose track is accessible from the north ladder, where most of the switching is done.

Engine shops
Note: The schematic does not include all tracks in this area. Fuel (coal/oil) and sand supply tracks need to be added.

No turntable is proposed, to save on space, since the wye is available for turning equipment.

Escape crossover
The middle crossover between the main and track 1 is to allow power to be moved to and from the shops to the North end of the yard without requiring track North of the yard limit. It should be located far enough South to allow a through train power set to clear without fouling the yard lead.

Arrival track
Track 5 will be open most of the time, and can serve as an arrival track for terminating trains: Southbound Way, Trail turn, and for through train drops.

The doubled leads at the north end provide a short runaround track for ferry and kraft mill traffic.

Track lengths

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